Report wey UK. independence carry don talk say, Trump go make Jerusalem capital for Israel on Wednesday for him speech.

Mr Trump no be di first president wey promise say him go do am,, but other people bin promise same thing. Israel people dey claim say Jerusalem follow for dia land and country, and na wetin make Trump dey prepare to make Jerusalem dia capital, as e follow for di Middle East peace process. As Israel still dey claim East Jerusalem since 1967 and come stay for di place still dey illegal United Nations mind.

Palestinians people get right for di part for Jerusalem, wey get holy sites Muslims people dey respect well well. Di fight wey dem dey fight on top di land go affect Middle East, based on wetin activists, government leaders and extremists talk, wey dia reason wey make dem dey fight Israel and dia friends.

Israel don comot all metal detectors for di holy sites.

On top d matter, person wey dey speak for Palestinian president Mahmud Nabil, talk say na East Jerusalem go resolve di matter as dem be independent Palestinian state wey dey legal .

Him talk am say,

“East Jerusalem, as e get holy places, be di beginning and end for di solution and any project wey go save di area make e no destroy,” him talk am for statements wey no concern Trump matta. ”

Administration officials tell Reuters say, Mr Trump dem no expect Trump to comot American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. For plenty years now, plenty Presidents bin sign paper wey dey delay di matter wey be wetin dem need wey dem put on top dia 1995 bill.

For interview wey Washington Post post do, Palestinian Legislative Council member Qais Abdul Karim talk say, embassy go delay dia effort for di peace pact.

“US go nogo get respect again as people wey dey make peace, but dem go be Israel friend wey dey support dem. E go be wahala and fit be di final end as US dey try start di matter again.

Barack Obama bin dey relate with conservative Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wey bin dey high well well , but Mr Trump Don swear say him go solve di matter for Israel people. .

But Israel still dey work for di area wey get wahala . As e dey for dis week, one group for senators give letter to Mr Netanyahu wey tell am say make him destroy Palestinian village and Bedouin village wey dey West Bank.

Di letter carry am say,

“As your government dey try use force pursue plenty Palestinian communities and make una place dey big for di West Bank nogo affect only two-state solution, but e go also affect future wey Israel get as a Jewish democracy,”


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