One group wey be United States science people don find drugs wey dey cure leukaemia on Tuesday.

Leukemia be disease wey dey kill young person even wen him dey seven years old.

For wetin dem study for Journal Nature Medicine, di science people wey dey for Stanford University and National Institute of Health come find say, one thing wey dem dey call molecule wey dem dey call “CD22″,go serve as di drug wey go kill di cell for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia wey be cancer wey dey disturb pikins.

Dis one don hapun oo, after U.S Food And Drug Administration cell-based gene drug wey dem dey call CAR T-Cell treatment.

Dis CAR T-cell treatment na to collect blood from person body and to use am for T cells treatment. .

Dis thing dey work as him dey change immune cells through di person gene wey dey comot leukemia cells wey get molecule dem dey call “CD19” for dia surface. .

Dis drug dey work based on person T cells wey be immune cell wey go start dey kill like killing machine.

Na Stanford oncologist Crystal Mackall and NIH’s pediatric hematologist Terry Fry discover di molecule wey dem dey call “CD22” and go serve like similar target.

Science people don treat 21 patients with treatment-resistant B-cell leukemia wey dey seven to 30 wey dem use test di “CD22” method.



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