United Arab Emirates UAE don appoint one 27-year-old guy, Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama as dia  Minister for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Dis one be di first time  country for world dey get artificial intelligence Minister position for government.

Just last year for 2016, UAE break record as dem appoint di first ever Minister for Happiness wey go make sure say di society dey happy well well.

Dis appointment don show say, dis technology be wetin go dey for future security.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum wey be di ruler for Dubai and him be Vice President for UAE announce say im go reshuffle im cabinet today and dis Minister of AI go follow for di things wey im change.

E don pass one year wey Al Olama bin dey work with di Deputy Director for di Future Department. Im also get degree from di American University of Dubai.

Dis appointment dey follow di UAE 2031 strategy wey di government announce. Di UAE government say dem wan use dis strategy make dia work dey beta with technology.

UAE say dem go use AI take reduce di plenty money wey dem dey spend for government.

Dem go also use am for education, reduce accident for road and to save money for light mata.

Wetin be Artificial Intelligence?

AI na all those kind machines wey dey resemble all d things wey human being sabi, and fit do wetin human being dey do.

You fit don dey use AI and you no even know. If you don use things like Siri ontop your iphone or Google search, you don use AI be dat.

Some people feel say AI na di future but some think say e fit scatter di whole world.


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