Di Minister for Information for Ghana, Mustapha Hamid don give advise to Youths say make dem know say dem go fit make am inside Ghana, no matter who be President for di country.

Based on wetin di Minister talk,him talk say di youths wey dey di country fit succeed “even if na devil be di President for dia country Ghana.”

Him talk say make di Youths for di country change di way wey dem dey think and look for better way dem go better dia life, instead of to carry all di money wey dem dey save, put all take travel go Europe.

Mr Hamid  talk dis one based on di report on top slave trade wey dey hapun for Libya where dem dey carry plenty Ghana people wey bin travel go Libya come back Ghana.

On 29 November Ghana people wey reach 127 wey dem bin detain inside Libya return back to Ghana after report wey concern di way wey dem dey sell human being as slave inside Libya comot.

E never tay wey di Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo talk say African countries suppose stop to dey depend on help from di western world.

Di president shock everybodi with wetin him talk for one press conference during di time wey France President-Emmanuel Macron visit Ghana.

President Akufo-Addo talk say e wan make him country relationship with France dey increase for trade and investment co-operation, and no be only to dey get help from dem.

“…e no dey right for country like Ghana, 60 years after independence to still dey beg  money from other people based on kindness and charity from European taxpayers to take care of dia health and education budget. We need to get di thinking wey say we can do it… and wen we get dat kind thinking we go see say we go free ourselves from beg-beg.”

Many people don begin dey praise wetin di president for Ghana talk for during di speech.


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