Mugabe don tell Army say,dem no fit remove am from president seat say na him be di real president for Zimbabwe and another person nogo enter di seat.

Person wey give di tori talk say, Mugabe no wan accept how Catholic people chook mouth for di matta and him still dey talk am say, na him be di only president.

Di Catholic Pastor, Fidelis Mukonori, dey beg Mugabe and army general wey talk say him wan get criminals wey dey follow Mugabe.

But di matta be say, Mugabe don dey hold dis power since 1980 and wan make another person dey for president seat.

Mugabe, wey plenty people for Africa dey see like person wey follow stop colonialism, but di tori be say Mugabe don destroy everything wey dis country get for dia economy and dey rule dem like devil.

Zimbabwean intelligence don report say, person wey bin be Security Chief, Emerson Mnangagwa vice-president dis month,don dey plan since to use army people comot Mugabe.

On Wednesday, Jacob Zumah bin receive call from Mugabe say, Army people don lock am for house, and dis arm people come talk say dem dey protect am make dem no kill am.

But di things wey dey make dis matta dey make us laugh be say, people dey do dia business and dey waka around as Army people dey watch dem.

Upon all dis matta, Mugabe still dey talk say na him be di President and no person fit comot am. Dis man don destroy every Zimbabwe economy and still dey plan contest for next presidey.

Di matta be say, Mugabe dey shake head say, him still be president and no wan accept di peace talk wey Catholic priest dey do and dey tell am say make him comot with peace.


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