Russian president wey be Vladimir Putin don talk say him go reply di statement wey Washington talk say dem get measure dem go use stop Russian media organisations operate again on top U.S soil.

Putin, e go be small thing if dem retaliate and tell US media wey dey Russia to comot, (“a little too harsh,”) and him talk say Kremlin was still dey plan wetin dem go use reply dem.

Kremlin-back broadcaster Russia Today don receive message wey talk say make dem register for United States as stranger “foreign agent.”

U.S Defence talk say na dia broadcast influence US election and kremlin and di broadcasters don deny.

On Friday, di person wey be pro-Kremlin speaker for lower house for Russian parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, talk say dem still dey plan to move di motion wey go make any US media wey dey Russia and any media wey no be Russian people get am to be foreign media.

As Putin talk for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit wey dey Vietnam, Putin talk say : “Di attack on top our media wey dey America na attack wey dem wan use kill free speech. Dis America don disappoint us.”

“Wetin we dey discuss for State Duma (lower house for Russian parliament), I don see am yesterday and e go dey little harsh.

“As e dey, e dey natural based on say, for di place wey country dey make dia decision, plenty people go talk dia own wey dey harsh, and other people go talk dia mind wey dey strong, na so e be ”

“We dey try create our own reply wey go dey like di one U.S authorities give our people on top Russian media wey dey US U.S.A.

“I wan make una know say nothing go make dem no talk say Russian media chook hand for dia election.

As US don call Russian Media “foreign agents” for Russia now, we wan all foreign media to submit dia regular reports to di authorities wey concern dia staffing and di people wey dey give dem money.


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