Make dem for fit control drug abuse for dia campus, University of lagos don provide drug test kit for dia medical centre to take dey examine students wey dem dey suspect dey use hard drugs.

D institution talk sey not less than 100 bin test positive just after one year wey dem start to dey conduct dis test.

Dia outgoing Vice chancellor Prof. Rahaman Bello bin confam dis one for d forum wey hin get with News Agency of Nigeria for Lagos.

Bello talk sey dis initiative bin dey necessary after d use of drugs don dey too much mainly for tertiary institutions.

Him talk sey drug use na major problem for schools especially d once wey dey for cities and sey dem don go ahead for Unilag to take address am.

Him talk sey with dis kit dem go collect any person urine or blood wey dem dey suspect for d test depending on wetin dem wan do.

Him say;

D tin about drug be sey once u take am, e go dey for ur blood system for a very long period of time so u no fit sey u no use am once d kit detect am.

Before we bin start to dey use d kit, anybody wey we hold go deny am since we no get any evidence.

Him follow talk sey as d kit don dey now sey dem don catch plenty students but later still kon grant dem amnesty.

Him talk sey even sey for dia school regulations, dem write am say make dem expel anybody wey dem suspect wey dey use drugs. D management don dey warn dem dey rehabilitate dem and sey dem dey give dem two or three semester make dem for get clean but sey dis one mean sey dem go dey come d medical centre for test every month and sey if u dey clean after two or three visits dem go admit you back inside d system but if u no dey clean, dem go send u out.

Bello talk sey dem don detect about 100 students for dia University already wey dey use hard drugs.

Imm talk sey 100 out of 50,000 students  (35,000 full time to 17,000) part time fit dey small but sey to dem one person wey dey on drug na problem to d university community and sey if dem no stop dat person, hin fit influence many others.

Unto cultists matter, Bello talk sey dat one na better problem just as examination malpractice and drug abuse na better problem too. Him still sey cultism don dey affect secondary schools and even some primary schools join. Him talk sey d University management dey use better eye dey monitor cult activities through intelligence network and sey dem dey get to know once anything come up, sey dem no fit talk sey dem never wipe am completely but sey dem don reduce am wella.



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