United Nations hail Afghan govt for ceasefire extension.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and di UN mission wey dey Afghanistan don like di extension of di unilateral ceasefire wey Afghan government give Taliban, for di plenty support on top di  truce from war-weary people wey dey for plenty country.

“The Secretary-General tell di Taliban say make dem hear di call for peace from from Afghan people and also extend di ceasefire,” based on one statement wey UN talk talk person give on Saturday night.

As e concern di mata wey di two parties bin announce wey suppose happen through out  Eid-ul-Fitr festival period, wey start dis past Friday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday announce say, dia Government go extend di ceasefire, wey suppose stop on Tuesday to anytime wey dem no know.

“[Mr. Guterres] believe say na only solution to di conflict in Afghanistan be inclusive political process,” na wetin di UN talk talk person yan, and him add for him talk say, world body don accept to work with Afghan people and Government, and all dia stakeholders to achieve beta peace wey go last for dia country.

Through di statement ,di UN chief condemn di attack in Nangarhar and tell dem say di Afghan government and di UN dey hail Afghan govt ontop ceasefire extension Taliban “Make dem no allow people wey dey try to derail peace efforts to achieve am.”

Guterres extend him condolences to di families of di victims and wish di people wey get injury sharp recovery.

For separate statement, Tadamichi Yamamoto, wey be  top UN official in Afghanistan and head of di UN Assistance Mission for there, wey dey answer UNAMA, thank di Government and di Taliban for as dem honour di ceasefires.

“Di Government extension of di ceasefire provides dey show opportunity wey dem go use negotiate solution on top di conflict,” we no fit miss dis opportunity.”

“I bin don talk am say,  negotiation settlement on top di conflict dey possible. Now I believe say e go work,”. Him come call for concrete steps wey dem go take initiate direct talks between Afghan Government and di Taliban.


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