With Israel and other countries for di region wey get concern for wetin dey happen, US President Donald Trump don give mouth ton Russia on Wednesday with warning say “nice and new and ‘smart’” American missiles “will dey come” to Syria. Trump tweet say dat di US go take military action against Syrian President Bashar Assad based on say him use chemical weapons on civilians, even as dem bin warn am from Moscow say dem go retaliate for di strike.

Ontop di Twitter, Donald Trump come talk say him know about di Russia’s threat wey dia person wey dey represent dem for Lebanon give say ,Moscow go catch any  missiles wey di US go fire at Assad’s forces – and dem go Target dia launching pads. “Russia don swear to shoot down any and all missiles wey dem go fire  at Syria,” Trump talk am.

Trump come talk am say, “Make una dey ready, Russia, based on say  di missiles go come,  nice and new and ‘smart!’ “I know believe say una go be partners with Gas Killing Animal wey kills him people and enjoys it!” na wetin him tweet, and dey refer to Assad, wey dem accuse say him dey use chemical weapons against civilian populations for dia civil war wey don reach seven years ago.

Talk talk person for Kremlin don dismiss Trump’s message and him talk say na blunt instrument: “We no dey  take part for Twitter diplomacy– we dey support serious approaches,” na wetin Dmitry Peskov tell  members of di press.

“As e dey before, we dey hope say di two sides no do anything wey go ) provoke by anything and b) and go scatter di situaion,” na wetin Peskov talk.

But Moscow talk say dem dey talk with Trump for him word, as dem wan take in some of Assad’s military assets for dia air base for Latakia for dia protection, and to send into Mediterranean all 11 Russian warships from dia naval base at Tartus.

For di evening wey  US and Russia go fight in Syria, di heads of Israel’s security forces – including IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot – plan say dem go to stay for Poland participating March of di Living, wey be wetin dem dey call annual Holocaust commemoration event.

Him go join Police Commissioner Insp.-Gen. Roni Alsheich, Mossad Director Yossi Cohen and Shin Bet (wey be Israel Security Agency) head Nadav Argaman.

Senior officials for di defense establishment warn Iran say Assad go pay price if Tehran act against Israel from Syrian territory.

Dis warning come after di top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei call for strike on Syria’s T4 Air Base “Israel’s crime” and talk say dem nogo gree without reply  “not remain without response.”

“Assad’s regime and Assad himself go disappear from di map and  di world if di Iranians try to harm Israel or dia interests from Syrian territory,” na wetin senior Israeli officials talk.

“Our recommendation to Syria be say, make dem no try act, based on say Israel don determine and devidd to pursue di issue to very end,” diofficials talk.

RUSSIANS WAKE on Wednesday and see headlines wey talk say Trump dey play with third world war, and DEY mock him “machismo,” and dey warn US strikes “risk wey spill over into open conflict between nuclear powers.”

Di US don get support from Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for military action, but Paris no follow dem. Dis one na nuclear war as US friends go join dem tell Assad make dem stop DEY use Weapons dey fight dia people.

As e dey so, di Pentagon don move US warships to di Syrian coast armed with cruise missiles as dem dey prepare for fight,and Paris put dia Rafale fighter jets on alert.


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