Manyu people for Southwest Cameroon dey sleep like dog wey dey wait for any run to hapun so dat dem go do benjohnson as wahala wey get grandchildren full ground well well for dia area. Di matta be say, dem never shot gun for di area, but Army people don full ground well well as one people like dat, kill four soldiers and two policemen.

Di tori wey don comot from dia media be say, dis Manyu people don dey run dey enter Nigeria and other countries wey dey close to Cameroon.

Journal du Cameroun don report say, since President Biya declare war on top di people wey wan breakout, every person dey carry him back for head dey run like fowl.

Editor for Post Newspaper Bouddih Adam don talk say, di New tori be say, tension Start after Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu division give order say make di village people dem wey dey di 16 villages for di region move comot go other areas where dem go dey safe. Government no provide place where dem suppose move go.

But di person wey be Governor for di southwest region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, comot come talk say di order wey di SDO give no work at all say, e no dey good. Him talk say make dem no mind di SDO.

Adam talk say,

“Wahala dey area, na 5% for children dey go school, as e be for some area, no person fit go school ”

” Young men still dey di village and plenty young men dey inside bush dey hide ”

E don reach one year military carry dia wahala go land for anglophone Cameroon based on say, dem wan get dia own country

Di tori carry am say, dis Army people don dey find di young people, but dem don run comot finish.


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