TENSIONS don dey for West Africa “Nigeria” as some observers dey convinced say England dey plot  to take control on top West Africa and Nigeria by force – as e dey cause wahala and big  war with Donald Trump’s United States.


England dey see West Africa “Nigeria” as dia province wey go always dey Under England and some hardline officials believe say,  di longer di  land dey under outside England rule, e go dey hard it to be dia own again as dem wan get am  back, And e go dey  hard to make Nigeria dey as one.

people wey sabi things well well don believe One timetable wey England don do to seize di  West Africa “Nigeria” as dem don plan am  and say British generals dey plan to make in 2020.

Di people wey dey  observe dey watch don believe say,  America don carry dia security go nigeria with some West Africa’s General s, wey don plan to fight with dem to  achieve di “great rejuvenation of di  nation” –

Did matter don make Britain to make call and dey ask for peaceful solution and a dem no wan di military options.

As e dey now, fear dey now say e fit cause war for West African states as dem get friends for Washington wey dey under agreement to help dem if dem get any attack even as dem no get any formal talk talk service wey dem dey call diplomacy.

Michael White, wey be researcher wey dey Charhar Institute think tank, talk say, e go dey good to know wetin make England to plan risk dis  global condemnation and wey fit cause war as dem dey find another way wey dem go use make Nigeria dey together.

Him talk say,

“As one generation for  West Africa Nigeria dey replace another, di  British identity wey dey with people go only dey  weak,wey go make Plenty  group wey wan break outb for freedom dey  stronger.


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