Federal Road Safety Commission  (FRSC) for Ogun don halla say any person wey dem catch driving against traffic go forfeit d motor till after s festive season.

Mr Clement Oladele, d Ogun Sector Commander of FRSC, tell d News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday say dem dey take dis preventive measure so dem go make sure say dem get effective traffic management.

Him still yan say need dey to take put measures in place so dem go fit protect lives and property unto d increase in human and vehicular movement during d festive period.

Him say;

”Our goal dis year na to get zero death as we don see say over 300,000 passengers go  travel to different places during d festive period.

” We go dey very happy when we see people dey travel for d Christmas and New Year celebration arrive safely for dia various destinations.

Oladele, sha kom advise people wey dey drive say make dem cooperate with FRSC personnel, follow all d rules and regulations wella, make dem for fit reduce crashes.

Him say d FRSC don dey mobilised for 24 hours patrol to check d excesses of drivers during d period.

Oladele follow kon warn motorists say abeg ooooo, make dem no drive if dey don drink.



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