Every time, we go dey hear about black Friday. Jumia start dia own new black Friday today by 12:00am,and Konga come dey do dia own today too.

Dis black Friday no mean say you go wear black cloth dey waka for road nor bad thing go come knack you an your Destiny.

But dis black Friday dey like Thanksgiving wey dem dey do for America.

For black Friday, you fit use shikini money buy plenty plenty things wey go make your babe wey don leave you, run come back based on say, she go dey think you don hammer.

Di people wey dey sell something for Internet dey always reduce money like 20%-70%, wey dem dey use make people get interest to buy things wey dem no fit buy before.

Na Nigerian people dey do di things pass other people, as dia hands dey always scratch dem for di black Friday and dem go dey press press Internet on top everything and dey buy anyhow.

Nigerian people dey ask say, nawao, why dis people no put house rent and car for di black Friday?

Di question be say, wetin make dis people dey call am black Friday?

First time wey People use dis “Black Friday” na for di bad thing wey happen for America money market.

Di tori be say, di US gold market collapse finish on September 24, 1869.

Wetin happen?

Two guys wey dey work for Wall Street, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk bin buy plenty gold and dem hope say dem go make di price dey very high, then dem go sell am to make profit.

But dat one no happen.

Na so dia plan get k-leg and na so everybody money finish kpatakpata.

Another tori wey some people dey use before-before be say, people wey get market dey make better money for dis Friday, as many people go spend dia money after Thanksgiving day.

E never finish; e get one tori wey dem say dem bin don use dis day for year like 1800, to dey sell slaves cheap. Dis one even vex people sotya e make dem cancel di day comot, but nobody don see if dat one true pass.

But di main tori wey dey follow as people dey use di name ‘Black Friday’ start for 1950s for Philadelphia, inside US.

For dat time, di police for dat city dey use di name to talk as everywhere go scatter just because people go full ground on top say dem dey buy things for market.

And dem also dey follow dat one to watch American football between dia Army and Navy for di Saturday wey dey follow.

By 1961, tori be say dem wan change di name to ‘Big Friday’ nut for where?? E no happen.

By di 1980s, those wey dey sell market come see say dem go fit use di name to mean better thing, as dem go make people enjoy demself after Thanksgiving, and di shops sef go make profit.

Na so di new meaning come make brain for people head.

From dat time, di one-day bonanza don grow pass Friday sef to reach Monday (wey dem dey call Cyber Monday).

If person just use eye check, you go think say na just for online things wey people dey spend money, but no be so.

Big market people wey dey run Internet market for countries like Nigeria and Ghana don dey do advert wey say dem dey reduce di money you go spend to buy some things.

Dis black Friday don make people wey dey run supermarket de reduce dia money, and na so people dey rush buy.

Some of di big deals get things like television, game like PlayStation, cloth, shoe and even food, plus chocolate and shayo (beer) join inside – dis one mean say everybodi get something dem go fit buy with shikini money.

For Google trends, ‘Black Friday’ get second position of wetin people dey find for Internet.

Di thing get as be sha, because many Africans no dey do Thanksgiving wey be big celebration for America but di people wey dey run market for dis side don see say, dis na chance dem get to make dia own money join.

Why e be so?

Well, social media don change as people dey follow di matter.


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