Person wey dey use UPP party dey contest for Anambra governor for di election dem go do, don talk saywetin Buhari do Nnamdi Kanu and Indigenous People Of Biafra, wey be IPOB as him send army people to go him house go kill people no dey good at all.

Chidoka come talk on top him talk say, unity wey Nigeria get to dey together no be by force as any one wey wan comot go comot and say Nigeria dey negotiable as our papas wey be Sir Ahmadu Bello, Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo put hands and negotiate before for Nigeria ”

Chidoka talk am again and again say,
“Di terrorism wey Federal government give Indigenous People Of Biafra dey wrong and e no get head as Buhari suppose no carry Army people go Igbo land go cause “Mass Murder”.

Chidoka don talk am for Enugu Sport Club, wen him dey tell people wetin him wan do wen him go become di Anambra Governor.

Him talk say,
“Make southeast people put hands together to establish coal power plant, for dia land and come talk again say, Gas-Power plant dey cost for di kind of government wey we get today.

Him talk say di November election go determine wetin Ndigbo want and Anambra people in particular.

“We go make sure say Anambra people produce human resources ”
” I be di only candidate wey dey talk on wetin we go do wey go make Anambra dey good.

“I wan make Igbo People and Anambra people dey big and I go make sure say we put our hands together, build better States for Igbo.

“My plan be say, we go dey work for digital economy, reform core values based on knowledge, vision, execution of any plan wey go make Igbo dey better.


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