Youths wey dey Eyobisung Village wey dey Udung Uko Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, don kill five persons wey dem accuse say dem be witch.

Dis youths wey plenty well well ,go house to house dey kill dis people before dem run comot from dia community.

Di person wey see as e take hapun , Okon Eyo, tell punch news person say dia village people dey pursue di people wey dem think say dem be witch based on wetin hapun on Wednesday night.

Dis guy talk say, dis one no be di first time e dey happen oo, fit dia community.

Him talk am say,

“We never see dis kind killings wey people dey do without dia sense. E no mean say e never hapun before but di people wey dem kill fit dis one dey plenty. ”

Person wey dey always speak for police Command wey dey Akwa Ibom State, DSP Bala Elkana, come confirm say true true, na wetin dis people do and say dem dey instigate di matter now.

Text message wey Elkana Send mean say, one person for five people dis youths kill dey miss.

Him talk say,
“On 23-11-2017, about 07:15 hours police receive complaints from Eyobisung Village, Udung Uko Local Government Area for Akwa Ibom State say about 0400 hours for di same date, some youths wey dey vex well well for di village, attack and kill five villagers as dem suspects say, dis people dey drink dia blood and dey fly for night dey find person destiny.

“Di people wey dem kill be, Chief /Mrs. Essang Ebiagha; Iquo Etim Ibok (f); Affiong Effiong Edwards (f), and Hannah Effiong John (f).And One person wey follow, Flymoh Edet Eyo(m), and dis people bin dey miss, but now dem don comot dia body to mortuary.

“Di police commissioner don give order to dia homicide section for dia State Criminal Investigation Department to do investigation wey any ant wey follow nogo run comot .”


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