Di Party wey dey rule for Zimbabwe now wey be ZANU-PF, don plan to change Victoria Falls to Robert Mugabe Falls, as dem talk say, dem nogo dey respect people wey colonise dem again and Queen Victoria wey di place dey answer her name.

Dis Victoria Falls be place where people dey go do tourism and plenty people dey go there.

For dia conference last week, dis party talk say, e go make sense if di place carry dia name and no be foreign name again.

Dem talk am say,
“Make we teach our children Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, General (Josiah Magama) Tongogara and and other gallant fighters wey fight for our liberation struggle.”

Zimbabwe carry British monarch name give dis Victoria Falls, wey be di first person wey put people eye for natural wonders.

For dia independence in 1980, Mugabe government plan to change everywhere wey dey Zimbabwe name, but dem no do all.

Person wey be leader for di association for ex fighters for Zimbabwe independence, Jabulani Sibanda talk on Tuesday say dem nogo go back for dia decision .

“Na insult say, we still get schools wey dey answer Allan wingston school, based on wetin di man do to our country..

“David Livingstone no be di first person wey see di Victoria Falls, we go change am to Robert Mugabe Falls. We get soldiers wey dey live for KG (King George) VI (Barracks),” .
“How we go allow our Army barracks to dey carry names wey foreign king get??”

But di matta be say, e fit affect di way people dey visit di place, especially now we dey find money for our country.

Dis man talk say, if Europe wan see wetin Victoria do, make dem go see her grave wey dey for and dem get right. As e dey, very soon dem go dey land for Robert Mugabe International Airport”.

Before Zimbabwe get independence from Britain in 1980, Zimbabwe e bin dey answer Rhodesia, after Rhodes.


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